Shooter Ear Plugs

shooters earplugs in st. george, utah

Guns are one of the biggest threats to a person’s hearing. They can cause instant, permanent and irreversible damage to the ears. Understandable, given the fact that a gunshot produces sounds at 120–160 decibels – louder than a jet engine.

Many hunters, police officers, sharpshooters and military personnel avoid wearing basic earplugs because they block out both important, safe sounds and damaging sounds simultaneously. Military and hunter’s molds solve this problem by distinguishing between good and bad sounds using advanced digital and mechanical technologies.

Shooter Ear plugs for hunters, soldiers and police officers can be customized for the individual’s ears or purchased in universal forms. Custom hunter’s molds offer the benefit of a tight, secure fit specific to that person’s ears. Universal models are a less expensive alternative that still offers better protection than earmuffs, headphones or fingers.

Hunter’s molds use specialized features that eliminate damagingly loud sounds while still letting important, subtle sounds enter the ears. These earplugs can be created using individual molds from a person’s ears or bought as generic plugs. They use an acoustic filter to block out loud sounds while amplifying those at low decibel levels. This gives individuals the ability to hear rustling twigs, quiet speech and other important but subtle noises while protecting them from permanent hearing loss.

Hunter’s molds also have a tiny valve opening that is designed to automatically close when hit with sound waves at damaging decibel levels. This valve means the user’s hearing is protected even if they are not the one shooting a firearm. This feature is highly useful for the police force, military members and people shooting at a range with other gunmen.

Patients whose work or hobbies bring them around firearms often should take every effort to protect their ears and prevent substantial damage to their hearing. At [company1], hunter’s molds are one of our custom earmold specialties.

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