Giving the Sound of Life for Christmas

This year, the staff at Southern Utah Ear, Nose and Throat decided to do something better with their holiday gifts. Instead of buying chocolates and tchotchkes, they joined forces to give the doctors a gift they will never forget – a donation in their names to Sound of Life!

A total of $1,200 was collected by the team and donated to the Sound of Life Foundation. They help adults with the cost of hearing aids to change lives one hearing smile at a time. This generous donation will help many people in the community enjoy the sounds of life again.

The Sound of Life Foundation was created in 2014 by Mr. Jared Brader. After working in healthcare, Mr. Brader watched too many patients leave the clinic without treatment due to financial constraints. He decided this was a problem he needed to address.

He created the Sound of Life Foundation to begin tackling this social emergency. The funds he donated were used to help local adults with dementia risk reduce their hearing health care treatments. The Foundation also made a major investment in a multi-visit hearing health care mission trip to the people of the Navajo Nation. When Mr. Brader’s national audiology practice consulting endeavors took off, he was more determined than ever to help adults who could not afford the treatment necessary to live with dignity and confidence throughout the country.

In 2017, an initial grant facilitated treatment for over 100 adults in the Intermountain West. This effort marked a renewed focus on treating adults facing cognitive deprivation due to hearing loss. Since its inception in 2014, thousands of adults have been given new hearing smiles, renewed hope and restored self-esteem.

This year alone, the Sound of Life has helped 500 people in the community.